Community Service is Our Mission

The Angel Society of Fallbrook, California is a non-profit philanthropy that raises funds for the community primarily through the operation of the Angel Shop, a thrift store at 1002 S. Main Avenue in downtown Fallbrook, run entirely by volunteers.

The group has come a long way since it was originally founded in 1956 as a chapter of the Children’s Home Society, a statewide adoption agency. At that time, all proceeds from its thrift shop sales were donated to San Diego for distribution. It wasn’t until those early members realized that many of Fallbrook’s needs were not being met by any agency or support group that they voted in 1978 to become an independent organization with its primary goal to raise funds for the greater Fallbrook area. Within the next seven years, they contributed nearly $182,000 to Fallbrook charities and received widespread recognition for their fundraising efforts, including a letter of commendation from President Ronald Reagan. To date, the Angel Society has generated upwards of $2.7 million in support over the years for local charities and programs (see Charitable Contributions), as well as enriched the community through a major contribution of $50,000 toward reconstruction of the Fallbrook Library.

The Angel Society is governed by 33 members of the Board of Directors who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Angel Shop.  They are supported by more than 300 associate members who assist with staffing at the shop and other duties, as well as 200 additional members who provide financial contributions and donations of merchandise.  Over the years, countless members of the community and local businesses have also provided support.  The society's annual luncheon meeting for members only is held in May.

Sketch of Angel Shop Building